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Why hasn't Sen. Mark Pryor completed and returned Public Advocate's Official 2014 Senate Candidates Survey on Family Values?

Conservative Arkansas legislators are fighting hard to save real marriage in your state, yet Sen. Pryor is staying quiet on these critical issues.

It's very important that Mark Pryor and Congressman Tom Cotton complete their surveys right away.

Mark Pryor betrayed the Family last year by voting for the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

His flip-flop was the single vote need to get this despicable bill passed in the Senate.

He has made vague promises in the past of support for real marriage -- but he has already flipped on the issue of Christian religious liberty.

Without his signed pledge on Public Advocate's Survey, you and I have no way of knowing if he won't flip-flop on marriage too!

And that's why I need your help.

I need you and tens of thousands more Public Advocate supporters in Arkansas to contact your senate candidates right away.

Ask incumbent Senator Mark Pryor why he hasn't completed Public Advocate's Senate Candidates Survey yet.  What is he hiding?

And then contact Rep. Tom Cotton to ask he why he hasn't completed his survey either.

1) Senator Mark Pryor (Incumbent)
    Survey Status: Not Returned
    Family Values: 0% (Based on his support for the Gay Bill of Special Rights)
    Contact Action: Ask why he has not completed this Family Values survey.
    Pryor Senate Campaign Email
    Phone: 501-353-1116

2) Congressman Tom Cotton
    Survey Status: Not Returned
    Family Values: Unknown
    Contact Action: Ask why he has not completed this Family Values survey.
    Cotton Senate Campaign Email
    Phone: 501-313-2914

Please take as much action as you can.

And then, please consider chipping in a quick donation to help Public Advocate fund this survey program and other political actions.

Disclaimer: Public Advocate informed candidates in writing that 1) we will be sharing their response to our survey and 2) non-responses will be treated as not family friendly.  This survey is not an endorsement or criticism of any candidate running for office but an education outreach on policies and legislative positions for candidates. Candidate contact information is provided on an availability basis.

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