Tell A&E:
"Don't censure Christian morality!"

The Homosexual Lobby's backlash against well-known TV star Phil Robertson is yet another example of their skewed view of "tolerance."

And it only took a few hours for Robertson's network to suspend him indefinitely for publicly stating his belief in God's design for men and women and that homosexuality is clearly defined as sin.

But they don't want to stop at silencing just one Christian voice.

The Homosexual Lobby wants to silence ALL voices -- public or private -- who dare to speak out against their radical agenda.

That includes you and me.

Will you help me generate an overwhelming show of support for Phil by signing your petition below?

We must make a public stance to show the Homosexual Lobby we won't back down from what we know is God's honest truth.

Thank you,
Eugene Delgaudio

P.S. After you've signed your petition, please consider chipping in $5 or $10 to help Public Advocate fight the Homosexual Lobby's efforts to censure Christian morality in America.

Petition of Redress to:

The A&E Television Network

Whereas: Phil Robertson is loved and respected nationwide for his humble support of pro-Family Christian values; and
Whereas: Our nation was founded upon the Christian morality and freedom of expression that Phil Robertson and his family are currently under attack for espousing; and
Whereas: Removing Mr. Robertson from Duck Dynasty for professing his Biblically sound beliefs alienates the viewers of your network's most popular show;
Therefore: I request you immediately reinstate Mr. Phil Robertson to the Duck Dynasty program and apologize to the Robertson family and your viewers for your unjust censorship of his Christian faith.
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