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Dianne Feinstein and her cronies are responsible for one of the darkest, most shameful chapters in America's political history.

She put a good man and his family through "hell and then some," all in the name of political opportunism.

Feinstein must be held accountable -- and your U.S. Senators have the power to act.

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To My U.S. Senators:

Expel Dianne Feinstein from her office in the Senate

Senator Feinstein withheld relevant and potentially critical information from the Judiciary Committee during their vetting of Judge Kavanaugh; and

Sen. Feinstein did not address the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh when she interviewed Kavanaugh in privately; and

Sen. Feinstein and/or her office leaked Dr. Ford's letter to the press after the Judiciary Committee closed its review of Judge Kavanaugh; and

Sen. Feinstein conspired with radical Leftists lawyers to manipulate the accusser, Dr. Ford, in such a way as to bring the greatest harm to the confirmation process of Judge Kavanaugh; and

Sen. Feinstein and her staff allowed hundreds of trained Leftist agitators into the Senate halls to disrupt the Committee procedures and directly assault Senators who had shown support for Judge Kavanaugh.

As your constituent, I hereby insist that you support Senate efforts to Expel Senator Dianne Feinstein from her office.