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Dear Pro-Family American,

Wednesday marks the start of Congress' lame duck session.

The Homosexual Lobby could launch a sneak attack to secure a vote for the Gay Bill of Special Rights using defeated and retiring lawmakers.

That's why your signed "Hold the Line: Respect the Mandate!" petition and your generous financial gift to help Public Advocate reach our $15,000 program goal by midnight Wednesday is so critical.

It's vital for Republican leadership in the House of Representatives to respect the pro-Family midterm mandate and hold the line against the Homosexual Lobby's war on Religious Liberty.

Please sign your petition to House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Majority Whip Steve Scalise right away.

For the Family,

Public Advocate of the U.S.

Hold the Line: Respect the Midterm Mandate!

To: Republican House Leadership

Whereas:   Last week's Congressional midterms were a repudiation of the radical Homosexual Lobby and their cronies in the House and Senate; and
Whereas:   The Gay Bill of Special Rights (HR 1755) creates protected class status for homosexuals at the expense of Religious Liberty and traditional Christian Values; and
Whereas:   The "lame duck" session beginning Wednesday, November 12th represents a time of extraordinary danger for the Homosexual Lobby to manipulate votes from defeated and retiring Congressmen to pass this dangerous bill; and
Whereas:   As the controlling leadership of the House of Representatives, it is incumbent upon you to resist any and all pressure from the Homosexual Lobby and their allies to grant a vote for the Gay Bill of Special Rights;
Therefore: As your constituent and a concerned pro-Family voter, I strongly insist you oppose the Gay Bill of Special Rights and make every attempt to see it defeated.
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