Dear Pro-Family North Carolinian,

The Homosexual Lobby has declared war on your state.

They believe that you should be coerced into following their radical agenda.

And they can't stand that your state defied their "transgender bathroom agenda" by passing HB2, the Biological Bathroom Bill.

They want North Carolina women and young girls to share private facilities with perverted men.

Is that what North Carolina wants?

Absolutely not!

Should North Carolina's law be determined by outside special interests?

Should you bow to the economic terrorism of the Homosexual Lobby?


Public Advocate has determined through public policy actions, legislation and public statements the pro-Family positions of candidates in North Carolina.  See our Public Advocate Candidate Issues Survey Program Background statement below.

The Homosexual Lobby's Human Rights Campaign is endorsing Democratic candidate Roy Cooper for governor.

If elected, Roy Cooper has pledged to repeal HB2, the Biological Bathroom Bill, and open up North Carolina's bathrooms, locker rooms, and public showers to a "gender free for all."

Incumbent Governor Pat McCrory (Rep.) signed the Biological Bathroom Bill into law and has stood by it despite the vicious attacks of the Homosexual Lobby.

State Senator Buck Newton sponsored the Biological Bathroom Bill in the North Carolina legislature.   Now he is running as the Republican candidate for Attorney General.

The Homosexual Lobby is condemning both Buck Newton and Pat McCrory for their opposition to "transgender bathrooms" and support of the Biological Bathroom Bill.

The Democratic candidate for Attorney General Josh Stein has pledged to repeal the Biological Bathroom Bill.

Please contact Governor Pat McCrory and candidate Buck Newton to thank them for their steadfast support of HB2, the Biological Bathroom Bill.

Then please contact candidates Roy Cooper and Josh Stein and ask them why they want to put North Carolina women and children in danger from sexual predators.

Gov. Pat McCrory: Republican Candidate for Reelection
Ph. (919)814-2000
Email Form
Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 98027, RALEIGH, NC 27624

Buck Newton: Republican Candidate for Attorney General
Email Form
Mailing Address: PO Box 2047 Wilson, NC 27894

Roy Cooper: Democratic Candidate for Governor
Ph. (919)605-1629

Josh Stein: Democratic Candidate for Attorney General
Ph. (919)803-7803
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 10382, Raleigh NC 27605

Please contact as many candidates as you can to voice your support for the Biological Bathroom Bill (HB2).

And once you've done that, I hope you'll take just another moment to sign our petition below opposing "transgender bathrooms" in North Carolina and America.

For the Family,

HON. Eugene Delgaudio
Public Advocate of the U.S.

Petition to:

My Legislators

Whereas:   Allowing men in the girls' bathrooms and locker rooms is inherently dangerous, and men and women do not belong in the opposite sex's facilities; and
Whereas:   So-called "transgender bathroom" policies violate the rights of the majority to privacy and safety when using facilities like restrooms, locker rooms and public showers; and
Whereas:   The majority of Americans believe that Privacy Facilities (Restrooms, changing rooms, public showers) should be restricted based on biology, and not be a matter of personal preference; and
Whereas:   America has already seen "transgender bathroom" policies lead to violent assaults, to indecent exposure, and to the corruption of underage girls;
Therefore: I stand with Public Advocate in urging my legislators to reject the "transgender bathroom" agenda and all policies that endorse it.
Please submit the information below to sign the petition.

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DISCLAIMER: Public Advocate Candidate Issues Survey Program Background

Public Advocate conducts issue based surveys based on the following issues in many state legislative races, statewide government races, Congressional races and the Presidential race.  Public Advocate survey questions ask if the respective candidates want to 1. Hurt locally owned businesses with Washington, DC directed political dictates?  or 2. Oppose granting of special rights to homosexual and other sexual orientations?  or 3 Oppose the dictating of transgender bathrooms when communities oppose it?  or 4 Oppose the fraudulent executive order by President Obama to enforce special interests over North Carolina citizens.  5 and other questions.  Public Advocate also uses public statements made by candidates or existing legislation and votes to determine candidates positions which we can educate the public about.  Public Advocate does not endorse candidates and we are not affiliated with any political committee. DONATIONS ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE UNDER IRS, Public Advocate is a 501(c)4 non-profit group.