Does the radical Left have the right to destroy Veterans' Memorials and Monuments?

Absolutely not!

That's why Public Advocate is joining with 30 U.S. states to say NO and stop the Left's plan to tear down the Bladensburg Peace Cross.

Our Amicus Brief (Friend of the Court) is being filed in defense of the Peace Cross and all memorials that use Christian symbols in their design.

But there's no telling how the Court will rule, so we need to petition President Trump and Congress to take action as well.

They must act to Save the Baldensburg Peace Cross.

The Radical Left is desperately trying to destroy this Veterans' Monument -- all because it was designed in the shape of the Cross.

They can't stand the fact that most of our veterans actually were Christian.

Or that the Bladensburg community was strongly Christian 100 years ago when they approved this marker to honor 49 men who died in World War I.

And if the Left is successful in destroying the Peace Cross, it won't stop there.

Who knows how many veterans' memorials around the country incorporated the Cross into their designs?

Every Monument will be a target if this happens.

Soon we'll see crazed activists skipping through Arlington Cemetery looking for markers with the "offendive" symbol on them -- so they can rip them out!

And you can kiss historic military awards like the Navy Cross goodbye.

The Left doesn't care one bit about honoring the 49 veterans killed in World War I -- all of whom are remembered on the Peace Cross.

Lower courts have already ruled against the Peace Cross -- which is why Public Advocate and many others have appealed this case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

This is a nationwide fight of the most critical importance.

And it's your chance to have your voice heard in Washington, D.C.

Sign our petition to President Trump and Congress right now!

Let Washington know that you believe the Bladensburg Peace Cross should be DEFENDED under the First Amendment!

Sign now to defend the memory of our nation's veterans.

For the Family,
President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

All Veterans monuments should be protected -- even those with Christian imagery.  Save the Bladensburg Peace Cross Veterans Memorial honoring our brave veterans!