Dear Pro-Family American,

        I have been fighting against the Gay Bill of Special Rights for years. But the threat is greater than ever...

        Fueled by their victory at the Supreme Court, the radical Homosexual Lobby is using the lessons and tactics they learned from their victories to ram this bill through Congress!

        You and I will have to act quickly and decisively if we are to stop this new push by the radical Homosexuals.

        If the Gay Bill of Special Rights is allowed to pass, it will enshrine homosexuals as a protected Super-Class.

        The Bill already has 194 co-sponsors in the House and Speaker Paul Ryan, an ally of the radical Homosexual Lobby, voted for an earlier version in 2007

        I urge you to sign the petition below to your Senators and Congressman, and then please consider chipping in a donation to Public Advocate today.

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My U.S. Senators and Congressman

Whereas:   Passage of the Gay Bill of Special Rights would create a protected class of citizens based on “sexual orientation.” Employers would be forced to hire and prevented from firing anyone who claims to be a member of this new protected class of homosexuals, bi-sexuals, and even so called “transsexuals;” and
Whereas:   Churches would be forced to hire homosexual youth pastors or face lawsuits for discrimination. Schools would not be able to fire teachers who suddenly decide cross-dressing better “expresses” their “gender identity;”
Therefore: I demand you stand AGAINST the Gay Bill of Special Rights (H.R.2282 & S.1006).
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