Dear Patriotic American,

Hillary Clinton has betrayed the trust America invested in her as Secretary of State.

Evidence has been uncovered that she abused her power as State Secretary to line her own pockets with untold millions in bribes.

The FBI reported that her behavior as State Secretary was criminally negligent and incompetent.

And America has long known that Hillary bore a heavy responsibility for the Benghazi massacre.

But no one else in the entire country is doing anything to hold her accountable for her criminal conduct!

That's why the Clinton Investigative Commission is launching the first-of-its-kind petition to Impeach Hillary as soon as possible.

Constitutional experts have realized that Congress does not have to wait to Impeach Hillary.

The House can act now to hold her accountable for her trangressions while in federal office.

And then the Senate can vote to bar Hillary from holding federal office again.

So please, sign your petition below calling on your Senators and Congressman to Impeach Hillary!

And after you sign your Petition to Impeach, please consider chipping in a donation to fund our efforts.

God bless,

HON. Eugene Delgaudio
Clinton Investigative Commission

Petition to my Senators and Congressman:

Impeach Secretary Hillary Clinton

Whereas:   As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton sought to cover up the details of the Benghazi disaster and even spread false rumors in order to push a political agenda; and
Whereas:   FBI Director James Comey reported before Congress that Hillary Clinton was guilty of criminal misconduct over the handling of classified materials while in the office of Secretary of State; and
Whereas:   FBI Director Comey testified that Hillary Clinton lied numerous times to Congress about the details concerning her handling of classified emails while in the office of Secretary of State; and
Whereas:   In her role as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton gave preferential treatment and access to donors of The Clinton Foundation in a “Pay to Play” scheme that lined her pockets with millions of dollars; and
Whereas:   Congress has the power to Impeach Hillary Clinton for her criminal actions while in federal office, and to bar her from holding future federal office;
Therefore: As your constituent, I hereby insist you support the immediate Congressional Impeachment of Hillary Clinton for her acts of corruption, contempt and criminal incompetence.
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