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Dear Pro-Family American,

California’s 9th Circuit has ordered the Mount Memorial Cross be ripped up and torn down.

So I’m counting on you to stand with me and defend the cross by signing your Mount Soledad Cross Statement of Support to Chief Justice John Roberts IMMEDIATELY.

Please sign below to urge Chief Justice John Roberts to review the 9th Circuit’s outrageous decision and overrule this blatant attack on our Christian faith.

In addition to signing your Statement of Support -- I must ask you to make your most generous contribution TODAY to help me FIGHT BACK against the Radical Left’s attack on our Christian faith.

Thank you for your continued support.

Public Advocate of the U.S.

Standing for Traditional Values

Mount Soledad Cross Statement of Support

To: Chief Justice John Roberts

Whereas:   The Mount Soledad Cross honors war heroes from every war in American history.
Whereas:   The ruling of California’s 9th Circuit Court is an insult to the memory of these veterans.
Whereas:   This ruling is part of an unconstitutional effort by anti-Christian forces looking to censor public expressions of our faith.
Therefore: I urge you to take up this case and overturn this outrageous ruling by the 9th Circuit Court
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