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Dear Pro-Family American,

I'm rallying Public Advocate's nationwide grassroots army to protect our children from the radical Homosexual Lobby's poisonous and immoral Gender Insanity.

That's why your signed "Stop the Gender Insanity" petition is crucial to stopping the spread of this virulent plot to indoctrinate impressionable young students.

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For the Family,

Public Advocate of the U.S.

Stop the Gender Insanity Petition

Whereas:   A person cannot switch genders by simply changing clothes; and
Whereas:   Men and women do not belong in the opposite gender's facilities; and
Whereas:   Americans who rightfully object to the Left's Gender Insanity propaganda have a Constitutionally protected right to do so; and
Whereas:   Businesses will be forced to compromise their Religious Liberty or face legal threats.
Therefore: I stand with Public Advocate in defense of our nation from the Radical Left's dangerous Gender Insanity.
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