Dear Pro-Family Americans,

I have created a special Pro-Family Challenge to the Candidates just for you, so you and I can get the presidential candidates on the record!

I am asking HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of pro-Family Americans to sign this challenge demanding that these candidates complete Public Advocate's Official 2012 Presidential Survey Program testing whether or not they support the Family.

I will be delivering all of the signed petitions to them directly to make sure that they feel the power of the pro-Family movement.

Together we can make sure that America does not get another anti-family president!

For the Family,

Eugene Delgaudio
Public Advocate of the U.S.

Pro-Family Challenge to the Candidates

Whereas:   The American Family is a central unit of strength essential to the maintenance of American society and culture; and

Whereas:   The Homosexual Classrooms Act, the Gay Bill of Special Rights, and the Offense of Marriage Act (which will repeal the Defense of Marriage Act) are aspects of the radical Homosexual Agenda that would destroy the moral fabric of our great nation;

Therefore:  I Demand you and every other candidate for president go on record in support of the Family and traditional moral values.


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