The Radical Left believe they have victory in sight.

That's why they are striking at the heart of our Religious Liberty through endless executive orders and even church shutdowns.

They've been waiting for a President like Joe Biden to take the White House so they can ram their agenda through.

But pro-Family Americans -- like my friends at Public Advocate -- are fighting back.

I know first-hand how much this fight matters.  As a Senator, I stood up for your patriotic and moral values.

And fighting for our shared principles made me the number one target of radical groups like the pro-abortion EMILY's List.

And more recently, my public speeches fighting for parents in Loudoun County, Virginia shook the nation as a wake-up call to fight gender corruption.

The attacks on children's innocence in schools -- pornographic books, teaching them to hate their own genders, or even forcing female athletes to share locker rooms with boys -- have become far too common.

These attacks on basic American morality are utterly disgusting and I believe many Americans just like you have had enough of the radical Left's "woke" agenda.

That's why I am asking you to complete this survey on morality in American politics.

Give my friends at Public Advocate something to show all those cowards and cretins and Washington just how you feel.

It will only take a minute to complete only a minute to make sure your voice is heard in D.C.!


13th District, Virginia

1. Should homosexuals and transgenders receive special job rights and force businesses, schools, churches and even daycares to hire and advance homosexuals or face prosecution and multi-million dollar lawsuits?

2. Should homosexuality and the transgender ideology be promoted in schools as a healthy lifestyle choice, while information about the life-threatening consequences are ignored?

3. Should the federal government be allowed to suppress our right to Religious Liberty?

4. Do you support the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn traditional marriage between one man and one woman?