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I'm rallying Public Advocate's nationwide grassroots army to protect our children from the radical Homosexual Lobby's dangerous and immoral "Drag Queen Story Hours'" grooming sessions.

That's why I need you to sign your petition to demand the Senate to launch an investigation and stop the Drag Queen Story Hours' plot to indoctrinate children.

Petition to Investigate and Stop Drag Queen Story Hours

To My Senators

Gender is determined by biology and can't be changed with a mutilating surgery or a change of clothes, despite what the Left wants us to believe; and

Little children are being exposed to sexually-explicit and perverse content during "Drag Queen Story Hours" in order to groom them to accept a radical anti-Family lifestyle; and

Americans who rightfully object to this taxpayer funded homosexual propaganda have a constitutionally protected right to do so; and

No child should be exposed to this explicit material and be forced to accept homosexual and transsexual/transgender ideas by having their perceptions altered forever at such a young age; and

I ask Senate to launch an investigation into these immoral events and put an end to the use of taxpayers' dollars to groom little children into accepting the homosexual agenda.