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Biden's Administration is already gearing up to launch a deluge of anti-Family policies.

From transgenders in the military to the Gay Bill of Special Rights, nothing is off the table.

That’s why I’m asking you to sign this urgent petition urging your Representatives to stand up to Joe Biden’s Homosexual Agenda.

Petition to: Pro-Family Congressional Leadership and My U.S. Representative & Senators

It is the God-given right of every American to raise their family, espouse their religious beliefs, and operate their business according to the values that they so choose; and

Joe Biden has a plan to trample the Constitutional Rights of Americans who oppose the radical Homosexual Agenda, while granting "protected class" status to sexual deviants; and

Joe Biden's anti-Family agenda threatens the religious freedoms of anyone who seeks to uphold pro-Family Values in their everyday life; and

I request you oppose all Congressional efforts to enact or promote Joe Bidens anti-Family Agenda, and that you represent the conservative, pro-Family Values you were elected to protect.