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The Homosexual Lobby is using corporations to specifically target our children with radical indoctrination.

With the start of their "pride month," they are ramping up efforts more than ever.

Public Advocate has identified three particularly eggregious villains who must be held accountable.

As you know, we are countering their disgusting "pride month" with our LMNOP+ Month -- which celebrates real Family Values.

And to help us kick off our second annual LMNOP+ Month, I am asking you to sign a pledge today, to boycott these three corporations.

Together, we can show these companies that America does not want the radical Homosexual Agenda rammed down our throats!

And after you sign, please take a minute to consider what you can spare to help us reach 10 million Americans for this fight.

I hereby Pledge to boycott Disney, Coca-Cola and Kellogg's to the best of my abilities, over their support of the radical Homosexual Agenda, Signed: